This upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer Hockey Season is going to come quickly and this will be another successful one! Be part of the oldest and most experienced Summer Hockey Program in Alberta!

If you are looking for a team to play on or needing contact information, please refer to our contact page and you will find the various Team Staff members who will be more than happy to provide you with information - click here!

There are some teams needing additional players to fill out their already competitive rosters. Please refer to this page to view which Teams are searching for skilled and competitive players - click here!

Help us make this Spring / Summer Hockey season for you and your child a most pleasant and enjoyable one!!



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Players are not doubt the reason we have Elite Summer Hockey programs! Most players have comparable skills and abilities, but there are specific traits which separate the good ones from the rest!

Players must be prepared to sacrifice quite a bit to play. They are learning to play the game. Learning the importance of team work and team play. Being able to play with a Team consisting of players of equal or greater skill is a unique opportunity that should not be forgotten, but encouraged!

To play on any of our Teams, players must make that commitment to participate in all Team activities, both on and off the ice!

At this stage in their learning curve, we believe players must exhibit the following characteristics to become more successful -

- Discipline - abide by Team rules both on and off the ice - learning and playing the Team systems;
- Attitude - maintaining a positive attitude;
- Respect - other parents, fans, team officials, on-ice officials and especially the opposition players;
- Commitment - be prepared to commit to Team activities / systems / events - both on & off the ice - 100% is required;
- Effort - be prepared to give your BEST effort ALL the time - we realize that sometimes you might be sick, might have had a long shift and you need to get right back out on the ice or you might be hurt (NOTE NOT INJURED - THERE IS A DIFFERENCE). As long as you know YOU have given your BEST effort each and every time, that is all ANYONE can ask of you!!

As a guideline, Players should:

- display a Positive Attitude, both on and off the ice;
- be prepared to give their BEST effort, each and every time they are involved in a Team activity - whether that be on or off the ice;
- Respect other parents, fans, team officials, on-ice officials and especially the opposition players;
- play with discipline, listen to the coaches and attempt new things with your new Teammates;
- be prepared to accept the responsibility for abiding by Team Rules and the resulting discipline;
- be careful in how they act in and around other parents, other Teams and other players -as they are seen as 'Future Stars' - representatives of the GAME; and
- lastly, have FUN! Be supportive no matter what the outcome!! Encourage SPORTSMANSHIP!

As for hockey skills, Players should:

- possess the skills needed to play the game of hockey at a high tempo;
- be able to see the ice well - see plays developing and know where to be;
- be able to shoot the puck well;
- be an above average skater - possess those skating skills that make playing the game of hockey easy;
- be in good physical condition - good and quick recovery;
- be a good passer;
- be able to work well in a TEAM environment; and
- play with passion and excitement - expect too and have FUN!;

There are things that we may have missed addressing, but in short haul, we believe we have addressed things well. Please feel free to comment on any of the above descriptions.