This upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer Hockey Season is going to come quickly and this will be another successful one! Be part of the oldest and most experienced Summer Hockey Program in Alberta!

If you are looking for a team to play on or needing contact information, please refer to our contact page and you will find the various Team Staff members who will be more than happy to provide you with information - click here!

There are some teams needing additional players to fill out their already competitive rosters. Please refer to this page to view which Teams are searching for skilled and competitive players - click here!

Help us make this Spring / Summer Hockey season for you and your child a most pleasant and enjoyable one!!



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Look no further as NAA is proud to have represented and continues to represent Canada at prestigious Tournaments in Europe! Each year NAA sends a number of Teams to play in this Tournament as well as to enjoy the European country side in a way and manner that is specifically designed for the hockey player and their traveling companions. 

NAA has been rewarded with an increasing demand to provide additioanl Teams to participate in Tournaments around Europe in both the Spring and Summer of 2014!! It is the reputation of our Organization and the demeanor of the teams participating which has lead to Tournament Organzers requesting our attendance at their Tournaments. Careful considerations will always be given by NAA to ensure that the hockey and cultural experience is of a high value. Our organization was seen as a dedicated and commited program that truly promotes the development of ALL hockey players, both on and off the ice.

The Northern Alberta Hockey Association, in partnership with 'SELECTS SPORT TOURS' (BONDED TRAVEL AGENCY) offer many years of quality experience! Besides the top quality hockey, the 4 and 5 star accomodations, the culture expereince in visiting and seeing many local attractions, 'SELECTS SPORT TOURS' look's after you like no other tour company! Entry to these Tournaments, cultural tours and a qualified guide accompanies each and every group.

Each travel package is approximately two weeks in length, but is put together with your input well in advance so that proper clearances and schedules can be made. It is the general agreement of the group that determines where and when the group will travel. The Tournament itself is in a set time period, so all Teams will be there at that one time. Traveling before and / or after is where the cultural experience comes in!

Selection and participation on the Teams is determined be the coaching staff. As there is a set cost involved for every individual, first come - first onboard is a consideration in determining the Team. Players must possess the skills, attitude and commitment necessary to be successful in traveling with the Team. When deposits are ACCEPTED, then a player is accepted to the Team.

This coming year there will be a U18 team travelling to Budapest. It is not necessary for players to commit to both Spring & Summer Teams in order to play for that age group, unless they so choose to do so.

The Executive of both NAA and our travel agency, SELECT SPORTS TOURS. have set specific guidelines for participation and in informing the participants what is expected.

To give you a fair understanding of what takes place, please take the time to speak with Paul Schmidt who have been responsible for sending Teams and being with Teams in Europe for over 15 years!

What will happen is that each participant will depart from Canada for a unique fun filled two week holiday.

Your ticket includes a mix of sightseeing, hockey and free time to shop or explore things that offer something for everyone in the family. This high caliber tournament brings together teams from Canada and throughout Europe.

Our goal is to be a good representative for Canada in this Tournament! We will take the best Team possible, but our primary goal is to give the players an opportunity to enjoy this unique experience. This is NOT a win at all costs Team!

We will take only seventeen players (might vary depending on players available and coaching decisions) so that all players receive a good amount of playing time. Your tour contains approximately seven to eight hockey games. High caliber athletes from throughout Canada are welcome on this 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity for a player and family. Players will be selected on a first come first served basis and your deposit is your guarantee of participation. The Team holds practices prior to departure.

BEFORE YOU DO CONSIDER PARTICPATING, please consider the following guidelines in determining your interest.

If you, as a PLAYER, have -

the hockey skills necessary to compete in an Elite environment;
a POSITIVE attitude both on / off ice;
a Competitive nature and will give 100% all the time;
the Dedication and Commitment necessary to compete;
the Ability and Discipline to play in a TEAM environment;
the willingness to abide by ALL TEAM rules;
the compassion to Respect your fellow teammates, Team staff, the opposition and officials;

If you, as a PARENT, have -

the desire and will attempt to participate in ALL Team activities;
a POSITIVE attitude both at the arena and away from it;
will accompany their child or arrange for another parent to assume the parental rights of your child (regardless of age - if a player is going unaccompanied, there will be someone (adult) who will be responsible for that player) ;
the willingness to abide by ALL TEAM rules;
the compassion to Respect your fellow parents, Team staff, the opposition and officials;

Then YES, we would want to speak to you further about being involved!! Remember, all we are asking for at this point is a strong interest and tentative commitment. It is only upon acceptance by a staff member of your deposit; that a commitment by yourselves and with the TEAM is NEEDED and secured!

A non-refundable $500.00 deposit is required to be given and accepted by the Team to reserve your position on the Team. It is recommended that at least one adult accompany each player as the Team Management is NOT responsible for monitoring players away from the Arena. We encourage family members and / or friends to join us on the European experience. Call for more tour information and remaining positions available.

For further information, please contact Paul Schmidt at 780-476-5981 or by email at Paul Schmidt.