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This upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer Hockey Season is going to come quickly and this will be another successful one! Be part of the oldest and most experienced Summer Hockey Program in Alberta!

If you are looking for a team to play on or needing contact information, please refer to our contact page and you will find the various Team Staff members who will be more than happy to provide you with information - click here!

There are some teams needing additional players to fill out their already competitive rosters. Please refer to this page to view which Teams are searching for skilled and competitive players - click here!

Help us make this Spring / Summer Hockey season for you and your child a most pleasant and enjoyable one!!



December 21, 2013

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The Northern Alberta Hockey Association (NAHA in short terms orthe 'NAA' as it is commonly referred as) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of summer hockey for girls and boys from 'Tykes through to Junior'. For the purposes of simplicity, we will refer to the Northern Alberta All-stars Hockey Association (NAHA) as NAA in this website.

Teams attend various tournaments throughout North America and 'The success of the NAA Program' in the past, will continue in the future, because of the dedicated and experienced coaches that have spent countless hours scouting, preparing and training these exceptional young players!

Another exciting part of the NAA experience is the participation by both female and male teams particpating in World Class Tournaments in Europe! This summer, our female teams will be participating in the U14 Tournament in Sweden and our U21 & U16 will participate in the Czech World Cup Tournament in Prague! Our male teams have been invited to play in April and August of 2013 in Europe, a fantastic opportunity for those skilled young men to display their talents amongst some of the top players of their age groupings in Europe!!

Locally, NAA contiues to develop and promote players within Western Canada by enabling those players to play with some of the other top rated players in their age groupings, develop through practices and put this all together in various tournaments throughout Western Canada and the United States.

We are extremely proud that these players and coaches have the opportunity to represent and participate in outstanding tournaments in Canada and Europe under the banner of the NAA - Northern Alberta All-stars! Recognition be top flight Tournament Committees have asked NAA to provide teams for their Tournaments, as NAA has a strong and healthy reputation in the Summer Hockey circles!

NAA is Alberta's oldest, continually operated non-profit registered association dedicated to spring and summer hockey programs for Boys and Girls, which is organized and run solely by non-paid volunteers.

NAA looks forward to many more years of fulfillment for it's players, coaches and parents.



Our All-stars Program is built around the principles of learning, competition and fun within a structured environment. Each player invited to our program is usually pre-scouted to ensure that they are an accelerated caliber player. The focus is on the development of a well balanced team made up of talented, disciplined and dedicated hockey players that will be capable of competing at the AAA level.

This is a unique opportunity for players residing in different locations in and around Alberta the opportunity to meet and play with other players who have what it takes to play at this AAA level. Players of this talent are somewhat weakened by not being able to play to their potential on their winter teams and this opportunity provides the direct exposure to play and be with some of the top players around!

Our program aims to make the experience a positive one for the player, their family and the team. The advancement of hockey skills also includes the development of character, of which NAA places a high value on the development of positive life skills that will be valuable to each player in their growth as a person.

Also, NAA has the resources to assist players in making informed decisions on their athletic and educational opportunities. This is something a player needs to know and understand as he / she strives to play at the higher levels after minor hockey!

Being a not-for-profit registered society allows those eligible individuals and companies who wish to donate or to advertise within the NAA team programs the opportunity to use these funds as a deductible expense


The NAA program hosts and supports teams and development in approximately 12 different minor hockey divisions (Minor & Major), which includes at the present a total of 26 teams participating. Each season, the number may vary slightly, as Teams / Players change, as do coaching staff's. NAA is dedicated to ensure that the Teams operating under the NAA banner continue to enjoy the success of past Teams, both & off the ice!

Each team is independently run by the staff of the Team, which is usually comprised of and is supported by non-parent coaches, with direct accountability to the NAA Executive.

Administrative duties for the Team are usually filtered through a parent manager who will work closely with the staff. Accountability is a must and budgets are compiled and distributed to all parents so that they have an idea and say in what is planned and spent of each Team.


Our organization has been very fortunate during its existence to have the support of the corporate and private community along with some government sporting infrastructure.

The importance and value of donations cannot be understated as we strive to develop quality athletes and confident young leaders.

As a not-for-profit organization, we offer a receipt for any donations received. The form of the receipt would be by way of a letter of recognition or thanks that can be used as a receipt.

We will attempt to give a donor whatever suits their requirements for reporting and file purposes.






Exciting tournaments we will be participating in:

U 18 - Tournament July 30--Aug 3, Budapest

Female U 14 (PeeWee) Tournament, April 24 - May 4,


For more information, please contact Paul Schmidt at (780) 476-5981.

** To help with keeping our hockey programs finacially viable for the parents / players, we will be doing door to door canvassing in numerous areas to solict funds to assist our spring / summer hockey programs!! It is our goal to ensure that players have the opportunity to play at a highly competitive level of hockey, have fun, and make the cost as reasonable as possible.