This upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer Hockey Season is going to come quickly and this will be another successful one! Be part of the oldest and most experienced Summer Hockey Program in Alberta!

If you are looking for a team to play on or needing contact information, please refer to our contact page and you will find the various Team Staff members who will be more than happy to provide you with information - click here!

There are some teams needing additional players to fill out their already competitive rosters. Please refer to this page to view which Teams are searching for skilled and competitive players - click here!

Help us make this Spring / Summer Hockey season for you and your child a most pleasant and enjoyable one!!



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NAA is putting together a vast photo gallery of pictures taken over the past 15 years. If you have photo's that you think should be included, please copy these photo's onto a disc and contact the website administrator so that they may be included in our website. We know there is a lot of great photo's out there which other's would like to see! Please share what you have so that our website can be used by all to share those great stories!

Our Photo Gallery will be divided up into three sections. Gallery 1 will be composed of photo's from 2010 and earlier and Gallery 2 will be comprised of photo's for Teams traveling to Europe. Gallery 3 will be new and it will have photo's from this year - forward - so if you would like your photo's or some of them from this season, please contact the website administrator to have them uploaded..

NAA Team photo's, thru the years,will be in Gallery One

See Europe through NAA eyes, photo's will be in Gallery Two

The new photo's, once received, will be in Gallery Three!


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